Instructions for using UTIBRON® NEOHALER®

Learn the 3 I's for using the UTIBRON NEOHALER

Read the step-by-step instructions below for using the UTIBRON NEOHALER. To help you remember the 13 detailed steps in the Instructions for Use, learn the 3 I's for using the UTIBRON NEOHALER. Before using the UTIBRON NEOHALER, refer to the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information.

UTIBRON® capsule and NEOHALER® inhaler




UTIBRON® capsule


Pull off cap

Step 1. Pull off cap

Open inhaler

Step 2. Open inhaler

Hold the base of the inhaler firmly and tilt the mouthpiece to open the inhaler.

Prepare capsule

Step 3. Prepare capsule

Separate 1 of the blisters from the blister card by tearing along the perforation.

Take 1 blister and peel away the protective backing to expose the capsule.

Do not push the capsule through the foil to remove it from the blister.

Remove UTIBRON® capsule

Step 4. Remove a UTIBRON capsule

Capsules should always be stored in the blister and only removed immediately before use.

With dry hands, remove 1 capsule from the blister.

Do not swallow the UTIBRON capsule.

Insert capsule

Step 5. Insert capsule

Place the capsule into the capsule chamber.

Do not place a capsule directly into the mouthpiece.

Close the inhaler

Step 6. Close the inhaler

Close the inhaler fully. You should hear a ‘click’ as it fully closes.

Pierce the capsule

Step 7. Pierce the capsule

Hold the inhaler upright with the mouthpiece pointing up.

Press both piercing buttons together firmly at the same time. You should hear a ‘click’ as the capsule is being pierced.

Do not press the piercing buttons more than 1 time.

Release the piercing buttons fully

Step 8. Release the piercing buttons fully

Step 9. Breathe out

Before placing the mouthpiece in your mouth, breathe out fully.

Do not blow into the mouthpiece.

Inhale the medicine

Step 10. Inhale the medicine

Before breathing in:

  • Hold the inhaler as shown in the figure for Step 10. Make sure that the piercing buttons are to the left and right of the inhaler (not up and down).
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your lips firmly around the mouthpiece.
  • Breathe in rapidly but steadily, as deeply as you can. Do not press the piercing buttons.
Note the whirring noise from the inhaler

Step 11. Note

As you breathe in through the inhaler, the capsule spins around in the chamber and you should hear a whirring noise. You may experience a sweet flavor as you inhale the medicine.

If you do not hear a whirring noise, the capsule may be stuck in the capsule chamber. If this occurs, open the inhaler and carefully loosen the capsule by tapping the base of the inhaler. Do not press the piercing buttons to loosen the capsule. (Repeat steps 9 and 10 if necessary.)

Hold breath

Step 12. Hold breath

Continue to hold your breath for at least 5 to 10 seconds or as long as comfortably possible while removing the inhaler from your mouth. Then breathe out.

Remove capsule

Open the inhaler to see if any powder is left in the capsule. If there is powder left in the capsule, close the inhaler and repeat steps 9 to 12. Most people are able to empty the capsule in 1 or 2 inhalations.

Some people may cough soon after inhaling the medicine. If you do, don’t worry, as long as the capsule is empty, you have received 1 full dose.

Step 13. Remove capsule

After you have finished taking your dose of UTIBRON NEOHALER, open the mouthpiece again, remove the empty capsule by tipping it out of the capsule chamber, and throwing it away. Close the inhaler and replace the cap.

Do not leave the used capsules in the NEOHALER inhaler.

UTIBRON NEOHALER is used long term, twice each day (morning and evening), to treat the symptoms of COPD, including chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema.

UTIBRON NEOHALER does not relieve sudden symptoms of COPD and should not be used more than twice daily. Always have a short-acting beta2-agonist with you to treat sudden symptoms.

For additional information on dosing with UTIBRON NEOHALER, please see the full Prescribing Information and Patient Information for UTIBRON NEOHALER.

*Restrictions and eligibility requirements apply. See Terms & Conditions.

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